Good afternoon. As you are aware there was a Community Ratification Vote. The vote was conducted to determine if the membership on and off reserve would pass our own Land Code and Individual Agreement with Canada.

A yes vote… means that Fisher River Cree Nation Lands and Resources will be managed by the Council and membership – together.

A no vote…means that Fisher River Cree Nation Lands and Resource will continue to be managed by the Department of Indian Affairs under the Indian Act.

In order to pass the Land Code we required 740 people to vote Yes. We received 671 yes votes. Therefore, the Land Code did not pass.

The Lands Advisory Board have recommended amendments to the Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management and these amendments await Ministerial approval.

One of these amendments is regarding the Threshold of Votes required to pass a community Land Code.

Council will revisit the Land Code in the 2019, to determine if a second vote will be held.

We thank you all for your time and participating in the Land Code Vote held this summer. 

George Crate
Land Code Coordinator – Fisher River Cree Nation
(On behalf of the Chief and Council.)

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