FISHER RIVER CREE NATION, MB – AUGUST 24, 2019 –  Members of the Fisher River Cree Nation have elected Chief David Crate, with three incumbents; Darrell Thaddeus, Carl Cochrane and Vince Crate remaining along with newly elected Councillor, Josh Sinclair.
To the Office of Chief:
  • David Crate – 547 Votes
    This marks Chief Crates 9th straight term as Chief and 13th total; David also served as Councillor for a total of 3 terms.
To the Office of Councillor:
  • Darrell Thaddeus – 345 Votes
    Darrell has now been elected for his 6th straight term.
  • Josh Sinclair – 303 Votes
    Josh will be serving his first term ever as a Councillor of Fisher River Cree Nation.
  • Carl Cochrane – 278 Votes
    Carl has been in Council for now going to be 7 straight terms, and serving 2 terms prior.
  • Vince Crate – 263 Votes
    Vince was on Council 4 straight terms before not seeking re-election on 2011; since being elected back in 2015 , this will mark Vince’s 3rd straight term and total of 7 terms altogether.

Members of Fisher River Cree Nation thank Shirley Anne Cochrane for her 4 years of services to the Community.

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